mako mania

(June 18, 2021) Mako Mania organizers announced earlier this week an adjustment to prize money awarded in the release division of the tournament, which took place June 4-6.

Release division:

First place: (*New) Take Em’ with three makos released. Prize money only - $1,500. Bahia Marina Tournaments issued additional money for the correction.

Second place: Side Piece, two mako releases, keeps the $2,200 previously awarded.

Third place: Keep Er Wet, one mako release at 11:33 a.m. (Keeps the $5,967).

Fourth place: Mako Me Crazy, one mako release at 2:26 p.m. (Keeps the $3,609).

W.W. Harman Award - Take Em’ with a total of three makos released. The crew was presented $1,000 for most makos released.

There were no other changes in the tournament standings and payout. One hundred thirty-seven anglers fished on 30 boats during the 24th annual event.

The only mako shark brought to the Bahia Marina scale on 22nd Street, bayside, was landed by John Brittingham aboard Gulfstream. The 129.8-pound mako earned the crew $46,580.

Two thresher sharks were weighed.

The largest – a 410.2-pounder – was caught by Scott Gettier aboard Reel Fun. The fish was worth $12,462. Dennis Dieterle reeled in a 306.3-pound thresher while fishing on Jacked Up. The team was awarded $7,308.

The two bluefish on the leaderboard were caught on Reel Obsession. Ricky Windsor landed a 10-pound bluefish. It was worth $3,606. The other fish weighed four pounds and was worth $1,134.

More than $85,000 was awarded to tournament winners.

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