(Oct. 23, 2020) Graham McColgan and Caitlyn Hoen continue to lead the Worcester Prep cross country squads, finishing again in first place in their respective races last Wednesday.

“As in the previous week, senior Graham McColgan and sophomore Caitlyn Hoen brought their ‘A’ games,” said Prep Coach Jenn Corron. “The boys’ team continues to dominate, earning the top spots, and the girls’ team is constantly improving to close the gap on Salisbury School’s female runners.”

The Worcester Prep boys’ team won the Oct. 14 meet in Salisbury, scoring 17 points.

McColgan crossed the finish line first, completing the race in 18:51.7.

Also contributing to the victory was senior Connor Carpenter (second, 19:34.4), sophomore Riley Moyer (third, 20:05) and juniors Nick Hearne (fourth, 20:05.2) and Bennett Tinkler (seventh, 20:58.1).

The Salisbury School came in second place with 56 points. Gunston took third with 63 points.

Hoen crossed the finish line first overall in the girls’ race (23:11).

The Lady Mallards’ squad tallied 28 points for second place. Scoring points for Worcester were seniors Natalie Foxwell (eighth, 27:51.3) and Caroline Anderson (ninth, 28:23.2) and junior Sydney Lamson-Reich (10th, 29:02.5).

The Salisbury School won the competition with 14 points.

Worcester’s final meet of the regular season was yesterday, Thursday, on its home course in Berlin.

The Mallards will host the Eastern Shore Independent Athletic Conference championship meet on Thursday, Oct. 29, at 3:30 p.m. It will include Worcester, Delmarva Christian, Gunston and Salisbury School.

“I have seen a huge improvement in the team in the last few weeks. Their camaraderie is contagious as they continue to cheer each other on,” Corron said. “We have been preparing for the final two matches with what we call ‘milers,’ where students run a mile loop, take a break, and then try to meet or beat their previous time. The competitive nature of the team makes this a great activity.”

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