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(April 12, 2019) The Worcester Prep tennis teams continue to dominate on the court, this week taking down Eastern Shore Independent Athletic Conference opponents, Saints Peter and Paul and Gunston Day.

Worcester went to Easton on Monday and both the girls’ and boys’ teams earned 7-0 victories over the Saint Peter and Paul Sabres.

Juniors Abi Plylar (8-2), Annika Larsen (8-1), freshman Sumira Sehgal (8-2), sophomore Summer Walker (8-2) and senior captain Maya Natesan (8-1) won their first through fifth singles matches, respectively.

Juniors Mesa Cammack and Saylar McGuiness topped their first doubles opponents, 8-0.

Juniors Kennedy Humes and Korina Gjikuria won 8-0 at second doubles.

“They played really well,” Prep Coach Cyndee Hudson said. “They started out strong off the bat. We worked on net play and a variety of shots in game situations. They’re much more consistent than they have been.”

For the Prep boys’ team, senior captains Dominic Anthony (8-0) and Graham Hammond (8-2), sophomores Ryan Brafman (8-4) and Ben Brandt and junior Frank Carter (8-4) earned victories at first through fifth singles, respectively.

Both doubles teams – senior Cameron Hill and sophomore Joe Schwartz, and seniors Alex Canakis and Parker Brandt – logged 8-0 shutouts in their matches.

Prep Coach Terry Underkoffler thought the Mallards played “excellent.”

“Frank Carter made his singles debut and battled to take his match,” Underkoffler said. “The rest were dominate.”

On Wednesday, the Gunston Day Herons traveled to Berlin for competition. Again, Worcester shut out its opponents.

Plylar (8-0), Larsen (8-2), Sehgal (8-2), Walker (8-4) and Natesan (8-1) were successful at first through fifth singles, respectively.

Cammack and McGuiness won 8-2 at first doubles after trailing 0-2 early in the match. Humes and Gjikuria took their second doubles match, 8-3.

“I was really happy,” Hudson said. “We have some slow starters, but they get under control when they have to. The team is making steady progress and improving.”

Anthony (8-1), senior captain Will Todd (8-2), Hammond (8-2), Brafman (8-4) and Brandt (8-3) took their first through fifth singles matches.

Senior captain Colin Miller and Hill won 8-1 at first doubles.

Canakis and Schwartz logged an 8-3 victory at second doubles.

“Everyone had solid serving games with combinations to win points at the net really well,” Undekoffler said. “In many ways, we are ahead of last year as far as quality of play.”

Worcester will travel to Easton to play the Warriors at 3:30 p.m. today, Friday. The Mallards will then go to Magnolia, Delaware, on Monday to face the St. Thomas More Ravens at 4 p.m.

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