(March 1, 2019) The Stephen Decatur girls’ basketball team earned the No. 3 seed in Section II of the 3A East Region and will take a trip to Pasadena to battle the No. 2 Chesapeake Cougars of Anne Arundel, Tuesday at 6 p.m.

“We were projected fourth all year, but the way we finished the season moved us up a spot,” Decatur Coach Scott Kurtz said. “It’s good for us to get out and travel and see other programs.”

The Lady Seahawks finished the season with a 13-9 overall record.

“I think the team is excited, and we’re hitting our stride,” Kurtz said. “I feel good. It’s my first run through the playoffs [as a first-year head coach], so I’m excited.”

Decatur last competed on Feb. 21, so the long break between games has Kurtz feeling a bit concerned.

“We were on a hot streak and had momentum, but now, after this long break, we’ll see how they react,” Kurtz said. “Defense has stayed strong all year and our offense really kicked in [the last week of the regular season]. Things are starting to click.”

Kurtz said he expects to see some tall players in the postseason, so the Seahawks will need to eliminate second-chance shots, rebound the ball and push the tempo “to our advantage.”

“That can be an asset,” he added. “Our depth is good if we need fresh legs.”

When Decatur and Chesapeake went head-to-head in the playoffs last year, the Cougars won, 64-24.

The winner of the Decatur-Chesapeake match will face the victor of Tuesday’s No. 1 James M. Bennett Clippers-No. 4 Northeast Eagles of Anne Arundel, on Thursday.

Decatur lost to Bennett 62-42 and 61-53, in January.

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