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(Sept. 13, 2019) After losing the first game, the Worcester Prep volleyball team battled back and won the next three over the Salisbury Christian Jaguars on Monday in Berlin.

Prep Coach Cheryl Brown said it took the Lady Mallards a little while to get going in their season opener.

The team was scheduled to play a match on Friday but it was postponed, so the last day the girls practices before Monday’s competition was Thursday.

“That definitely affected us,” Brown said.

Worcester trailed 19-8 in the first game when junior CC Lizas stepped to the line to serve.

She was dominant with her serves, which helped the Mallards chip away at the Jaguars’ advantage.

Worcester tied the score, 19-19, then pulled ahead, 20-19.

Points were traded, but Salisbury came out on top, 25-22.

“That was definitely a turning point. They realized they could win this,” Brown said.

The Mallards carried the momentum into the next game, which they won, 25-18.

“We kept it going forward. The second game was much better,” she said. “It was our strongest for stats. We had the most kills that game. We had eight kills. That’s eight points right there.”

The third game the Mallards continued to push forward, Brown said. Worcester outscored Salisbury, 25-21.

“We had some momentum, but not as much as the second game,” she said. “We made several mistakes instead of forcing the other team to make the errors.”

Worcester pulled out a 25-23 victory in the fourth game.

“It came down to them making more mistakes then we did,” she said. “We played the ball deeper and we forced them to make plays.”

Overall, Brown was pleased with the Mallards’ performance in the first match of the season.

Lizas finished with nine aces – seven of them were in the first game. She had nine assists, five kills and one block.

Senior captain Kathryn Marini had five aces, three digs, three assists and two kills. Junior Sophia Ludt added four digs, four assists, two kills and four aces.

“It was a good way to start the season with strong competition,” Brown said.

Worcester will play the Jaguars again on Monday, at 4 p.m. in Salisbury.

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